ProjectW Closes Down After 3 Years

May 30, 2007

I’ve decided to close ProjectW down since I don’t have time to run it anymore. It was fun to do 3 years but now the time has come to shut it down. Big thanks to all posters, donators, VIPs and most of all mods and admins. Good luck in the future, GRIZZLY

ProjectW, possibly the biggest online warez board has today closed its doors. With over 400000 members and millions of posts, the board could count on a huge popularity. The recent update to phpBB 3.0 RC1 could have been the reason of Grizzly’s decision, because the Release Candidate worked slower as phpBB 2, and the search function (crucial to a board of this size) didn’t function perfectly, however a ProjectW moderator tells us this wasn’t the reason of ProjectW’s demise.

It’s quite unlikely that almost half a million users will just give up, therefor I expect to see petitions and new boards rising from the remains of ProjectW.

Β» Link: ProjectW.org

Update: Rumor has it that http://piratebot.org/ will release an archived version of ProjectW’s database in a couple of days.

Update: The biggest warez-board now pW.org closed is www.warez-bb.org
A lot of moderators and admins of the old pW.org board have also made a new board (with empty database) at www.warezws.com



  1. Projectw was the best website =[ i went on everyday..

  2. Perhaps a little tip for all the people who are still warez-hungry:

    http://www.warez-bb.org , the second biggest warez board on earth (after pW.org)

  3. i think that not he closed board,i think it’s connected with cops

  4. thanks

  5. Projectw was perfect! Thanx for the tip krosan πŸ™‚

  6. Projectw was the best ! it really rock ! i just hope its just a joke or something…

  7. PW was a great website, I hope that it is back soon

  8. projectw is the best! 😦 so sad

  9. i had a feeling this would happen when i saw the phpbb3 rc1 update. so i started working on this: projectwbb.phpnet.us

  10. Good luck with that πŸ˜‰

  11. as a former mod i can say the problems were not due to the v3.

  12. Editted!

  13. @fusionfake: can you tell us what the reason is for the stop of projectw?

    because I think many users wants to take it over from Grizzly

  14. hello frndz,

    i really miss PW n all his CREW!! one of my best site ever after limneos.net!!

  15. join on http://www.dreatica.cl

  16. This is really sad =( i loved PW…

  17. Does anyone know were the ProjectW “quality” comics posters have migrated to? The exodus began a couple of months ago. I’ve checked kaskus and warez-bb, and they aren’t there.

  18. If you remember the name of the uploader on pW.org, you can check out http://www.warez-bb.org to see if he/she also went there. Perhaps this way you can ask for a re-upload, or repost.

  19. How do we start a petition or something to get it back??

  20. http://www.petitiononline.com/ hosts free petitions in a very formal way. Think about what you’re going to write twice: read the forumtopics about this matter, what the people are thinking and how they would react to something you would write. After you’re done, go to as many forums as possible, talk to admins, and let them advertise your link on as many places as possible.

    Good luck!

  21. maybe you can register here…


  22. Yeah. Register on simplezone.net. If you every visit projectw, the layout will be very similar. The board also encourages merging, unlike the other warez boards.

  23. Damn, bad newz. I got a question for y’all

    How the h* did this guy get the idea in his mind to close that huge, shiny goldmine..?

    ->Was this because of fear for authorities?

    ->Is the guy already so rich he’s going tahΓ―ti?

    Beats me

    Smoke them trees

    Grtz DoMS

  24. RIP ProjectW you will be missed…

    It would be nice if the truth was told why it shut down though, is a co-incidence that Warez-bb is down for 18 hours? Are they in Mounring for their brother/sister site? or will they suffer the same fate?

  25. Too sad, but I invite you all to other ways like http://www.projectallabout.org

  26. your site is verry slow man…

    this is fast


  27. Please, if you can’t write something decent next to your advertising, don’t write anything at all.

  28. ProjectW Will be BACK in a few weeks.Database is being repaired.stay tuned

  29. @Freezed: how did you know that?

  30. yea freezed how do u no
    u got a source

  31. On the page u read it is 4 sale?
    where the caome back?

  32. it was definitley the best

    alert(“PW pwns”)
    “>alert(“PW pwns”)

  33. Their is an other good board = it is right now down for some days but it will become back on line very good πŸ˜‰


  34. Project w was basically my home lol cant believe its gone dont know what ill do now. Were have all the good people at project w gone

  35. I imagine the site has gone underground due to copyright infringments

  36. I don’t believe this. I just found out about this site. Oh well!! As we all know there will be someone else waiting in the wings. Good luck. Enjoy the rest.

  37. Most people have gone to http://www.warez-bb.org , but some admins of PW created WarezWS.com

    Warez-bb has by far the biggest database with the most members.

  38. go to http://www.projectw2.uni.cc a recovered version of ProjectW.org

  39. The domain name is for sale so it isn’t coming back. Additionally there was no way to bust the site as it was run through underground service providers. I know this since I researched it and discovered this is the case with the site provider.


  40. I miss kongkong of pw

  41. What a shame to see such a good website go down. It was very suprising that the website closed down several days after the major upgrade was performed-I think something else may be the reason.

    I have very strong doubts that it will ever come back, so we will have to find another good site. Someone should start a petition and get as many people as possible to sign it so that way we may convice grizzly to start it again.

  42. Could projectw get recreated again by some of the admins or mods?

  43. WarezWS.com is some sort of recreation by mods like ADODENHAAG… But the database is as good as empty.

  44. Seems like PW has been bought, so we’ll see what rises from the ashes!!

    As for other warez forums try http://www.muchforums.com

  45. I imagine rapidshare and megaupload will take over projectw in the following days

  46. hey Pupusas2 whats up with projectallabout?

  47. Hello

    If you want download pron or movies go to http://www.majaa.net

  48. Everyone is welcome to join if they still need great downloads


    we have it all…warez,movies,porn,music,ebooks, and alot more

  49. Hi,

    Excellent site projectw .. its very sad its closed.

    my fingers continously type it in address bar……

    sad joe

  50. i gona kill my self
    i miss project w so much 😦

  51. it’s sad that projectw closed down, few days ago i visit the site agian and i saw the domain is up for sale with 13 people make a bid. i hoep projectw resurrected agian

  52. New ProjectW at http://www.projectw2.com

  53. SELL OUT!
    The guy couldn’t have had any love for the site closing it down at 400,000 members and selling it when it could go to anybody, antiwarez bitches with cash to burn just delete the db. All that work, fuckin hell!

  54. they had long since dumped their best early members, the ones who helped put them on the map. markstone, lancet, grim … no criticism was to be tolerated as time went on! this is saw with my own eyes. most of the remaining mods were pretty much small time wannabes, good for suckin’ up to those at the top. the admins decided to go for quantity over quality, never a good thing .. it was only a matter of time after that. so why be surprized they dumped the database! they were chasin’ gold in the end, not waRez. cut throats and sell outs never last in the long run.

  55. Have to agree with you AJAX. The original mods and guys who set PW up, were the best. The last lot of mods and wanabes were just a bunch of petty kids and teenagers. Issuing warnings if you dare to critize them, complaining and telling people to search (when the search was not working). IMHO PW just got to big for it’s own good and way to many mods. The old adage rings true “To many cook will spoil the broth”. It was probably them who suggested to use the phpBB RC1 (basically a crappy beta version). Is it any wonder it had to close.

  56. I am currently setting up a new site called paradiox, it is exactly the same as projectw. We have everything, appz, music, movies, scripts, templates etc etc…..

    So come and check it out


  57. I’ve read a lot about the ProjectW crew, but nevertheless they did supply warez to half a million members. They made a lot of people happy with the board and that’s imo all what matters. There will always be competition between warez boards, but the big task is to act mature and respect each board for its good and bad things. Nobody is perfect.

  58. Its a shame to see PW go down. The next best thing is WTalk.org

    Btw, I think the owner of Wtalk also owns PirateBot.org

    There was an update on thier site, that they are like 89% done or sumthing.

  59. HI All,

    Brand NEW warez site, the only warez site were WE REWARD YOU!!!


    See You There


  60. Good riddence.

    Stop being cheap and buy your music. bunch on theifs.

  61. PW become to big for itself, it was sad. Not like early days. krosan you say “the big task is to act mature” but this is not what PW was in end. you know if you was early on there it change ,not for better.. it become circus act.. come from poor leadership. Ajax and Rhoda right in what they say. When they finally drop ppl like Lancet everyone see this. he help everyone,Even Miguel (Odo) very sad from that. Pw was then takeover by ppl w/ no warez history. sad and goodbye RIP

  62. Why did it have to end like this? No one can save you. Run, it makes the kill all the more enjoyable…


    people go and download from the these sites.


  64. We all miss PW, and all the muppets cloning PW.org its just funny.

    My new home is http://www.paradiox.com – Paradiox is the way forward, great community…

  65. http://ForumW.org is THE BEST better then ProjectW

  66. http://crazy-coderz.net

  67. for all your warez needs go to simplezone.net

  68. If you’re planning on posting a response think twice. Is it a pure publication of your warez-site? Then don’t post it. I will remove all senseless posts from now on.

  69. Hello, i own a fairly new warez site, project w was good but hopefully in time free software alliance can become
    as good maby even better than project w.

    My Respect flys out to greezy for running the best warez site on the net

    any way my site is http://www.freesoftwarealliance.com

  70. I warmly recommend http://www.daily-warez.org!!!!

    Visit US now!!! And see for yourself!!!

  71. You can try http://www.wareznet.net
    It’s free to signup, though you have to signup to eBay too or something. But it’s well worth it. Used it for years. Think it has been around for 5 years?

  72. wTalk (http://www.wtalk.org) is much more better than ProjectW..for me(:P)..one of the admin of wtalk, that is ReMuSoMeGa..own piratebot.org..and abt it havin the database of ProjectW, its not true..wtalk never copies stuff from other warez spots..wtalk is truely original in everythin they do..the official release of piratebot will be a new revolution to the warez scene..as remusomega says..its something that u have never seen before..its 90+% done..BETA is coming..so be part of it and register in wtalk.org


  73. where did warez-bb.org go? Did the feds catch up to them?

  74. Project W was the best, thats why they closed it!You can be sure that rapidshare and those fucking share sites were involved

  75. Hi All,


    Currently giving out FREE vip access……….

    Come and have a nosey, you may be one of them lucky people…


  76. Hello, I just recently opened up a forum. This forum is a file sharing community. Currently, we do not have much because we do not have that many members, but if some of you guys could join, that would be great. If you guys could contribute, we could start to get somewhere. With your help, in a few months, we could get thousands of members and then this forum could be a great file sharing community. If you would like to help, please visit http://www.thefilebay.com, register, and contribute. One new member can make a big difference. You start off small and grow into a large community.

    Take a peek, you might want to stay and help.

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  77. So Sad

  78. Hi Everyone,

    Well http://www.warez-downloadz.com is now fully running, with thousands of movies, games, movies and music, you cant go wrong.

    Our members are comming in by the dozen and sharing movies, games and music has never been easier.

    Also we are giving away FREE VIP passes, come to the forum and check out the post on what you need to do to become a free VIP.

    Hope to see you all there


  79. For TV series visit TV-Warez.com!!


  80. Yeah! ProjectW.org is back online!!!

  81. It truly is catrofsin πŸ™‚
    The head administrator isn’t there anymore, but the whole database is kept intact. Therefore you can still login with your old username and password.

  82. Has anyone else noticed that warez-bb is offline or is just me?

  83. Try going to http://BayW.org its a pretty decent alternative I have been sticking there for the mean time.

  84. Try http://smforum.net

    Great Site. (:

  85. Excellent web site

  86. Nobody said the real reason!
    The truth is ,PW leave to be the best when Mig’s leave the forum coz disputes with Ado
    Mig’s [ ODO] with more than 30k posts was the best administrator of PW
    Grizz never care about PW or about Mig’s
    Ado was the bad medicine there!
    I said it months ago….. is the end of PW
    BTW, Mig’s RIP at that time, since it was very ill
    his death has nothing to do with PW
    Sad, very sad
    my sincere condolences to the family

    Raul from EV.

  87. he left us like a mother who lost her child in the bazaar

  88. PW.Org they are not nice people, they cheat & lie about you

  89. The site is up again? Aint it?? Wee πŸ˜€

  90. Looks like it’s down AGAIN after being up for over a year… meh search was useless anyway. πŸ˜‰

    (Great forum though).

  91. my alternative is http://www.BayW.org

  92. Go here…

  93. ProjectW was an awesome site. Since it went downhill I been using http://ForumW.ca/ its much bigger, faster, and to be honest better.

    Has a lot of Rapidshare links I like.

  94. That was a really awesome post man! really loved going through it.. bookmarked your site and will keep checking it often. thanksa lot

  95. Another warz site http;//StreaMForums.com

  96. http://www.forum-maximus.net/

  97. i know projectw was very good, but i have found other blogs to download my stuff, you can use http://gfxscene.com/ to download graphics stuff, and http://rlszone.net to download movies, and http://downtut.com to download tutorials πŸ™‚

  98. I see that other forums like projectw.ws and projectw.eu are opened loll

  99. That is horrible! This website was awesome 😦

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  136. Crazy, I just found my old PW PW in an old book of old PWs and it’s only been 6 years since I last logged in..

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