Hellgate: London Elite Multiplayer $9.95/mo

May 10, 2007

As an update to January’s post the latest issue of Games for Windows Magazine has revealed the elite subscription pricing behind Hellgate: London, which will be free to play online should you opt out of subscribing for additional features. These features, which will be available for $9.95 (depending on location) are as follows:

  • Elite subscribers pay $9.95 a month
  • 24/7 phone- and internet-support
  • No (server) queues for elite subscribers, with preference over non-paying customers
  • 3 chars per account for non-elites, 12 for elite-customers
  • Elite subscribers can store up to 40 items (instead of 20 for non-subscribers), which can be accessed from any char in an account-wide item vault.
  • Visible distinction from other players. Elite subscribers are recognisable from their equipment and may trade subscriber-only equipment to other elite subscribers.
  • VIP-Shuttles to remote areas
  • Housing and founding of guilds are enabled for subscribers. Elite subscribers may attain officer/leader priviledges within their guild.
  • Elite subscribers have access to additional game modes, including Hardcore mode.
  • Elite subscribers and non-subscribers can play with each other.
  • Costs actually depend on where you live. Subscription fees in the Asian market will cost considerably less, in accordance to the market conditions and expectations of the players and local publishers within the region.

The subscription costs make it possible for Flagship Studios to produce additional content for Hellgate: London twice a month, or more. New content includes new items, monsters, areas, character classes and other content which are not present in the retail version of the game. It is not known as this time whether this additional content will only be available to paying subscribers.

» View: Original Story @ Hellgate Guru
» Link: Shacknews Coverage



  1. […] Hellgate London Elite Multiplayer will cost $9.95/month (location […]

  2. […] Hellgate London Elite Multiplayer will cost $9.95/month (location […]

  3. Hellgate London Elite Multiplayer will cost $9.95/month
    Thanks for the information!



  4. I’m in a major gaming clan so I don’t understand the reason behind making people pay for online multi player game play. You pay $50.00 for the game depending on where you live. So if lets say 2000 people buy the game at $50.00 a piece X that amount of people is allot some where around $100,0000.00 and that amount is a fraction of the people that will pay for the game. So with a valid CD key they know u payed for the game therefore you shouldn’t have to pay to play online.
    It’s all about wanting more money.!!The word GREED come to mind

  5. Hmm, glad it does have a free options, rather see if it worth it first. But I understand I run my own servers and the cost gets high, especially for bandwidth, so I can understand, they have man hours to pay, not to mention uptime and everything else, but what I don’t understand is why they think they can promote this with diablo, diablo got as big as it did because it was free, anyone remember back in the days of paytoplay services like HEAT that let you pay to play Doom or Duke Nukem, Diablo was revolutionary and still played because it was free, put some bloody ads in the console portion and bilboards around london and make it free

  6. The game itself received rather negative comments. Seems like the designers didn’t provide what they set out to do in the hype around it. I assume we will have to wait for Diablo 3 then!

  7. thank you

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