Firefox Logo Gets an Extraterrestrial Taste

August 16, 2006

One might think after seeing the firefox logo in a crop field that aliens have landed on our dear planet. Fortunately we can promise you that no aliens had a hand in building this. Contrusted by a group of firefox fans and the same team that created the Firefox mural from cornstarch and kool-aid and also launched the Firefox Weather Ballon.

The complete project was planned in under 2 weeks and constructed during 24 hours. The final diameter of the fox was about 68 meters (220 Feet). The crop circle was constructed in a oat field near Amity, Oregon, US where the crop circle is completely invisable from the road but unmistakable from the air.

The team of FireFox 12 fans consisted mainly of OSU stundents who carefully stamped down the oats from 3:00pm (1500 Hours) Friday afternoon and went to 2:30am (0230 Hours) the next morning. The group placed the finishing touches on the crop circle from 7:30am till 11am staturday morning.

The idea came from Matt and John (Mozilla video interns) who came up with the idea a few weeks before hand, While being fuled by the enthusiasm of Asa Dotzler (Mozilla) the crop circle project became within reach.

Firefox crop field

It seems like the Firefox-madness still didn’t completely end. This is one of many creative publicity-stunts, but in the end it stays a frickin’ webbrowser :).

» Video about the project

» OSU Linux Page (About the project)

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